Images and Their Relationships within White Supremacy (Racism)

Symbols and Images

The Stars and Bars: How Do You Relate To Flags?

What is my relationship with the flag above? What is your relationship with the flag above? Neely Fuller, the author of the United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept, a textbook, workbook for victims of racism white supremacy says about relating to any flag: "I relate to the flag in the exact same way the flag relates to me" Further, if one should ask "Well Fuller, how does the flag relate to you?" He answers, "Ask the flag". Mr. Fuller makes the point well, all flags are simply cloth, stitched together in some fashion to appear as a symbol. All symbols, though the may have been "assigned" meaning, the "meaning" has been assigned by a person or some persons. Focus concerning any flag should be given to those living persons who have directed your relationship to the given flag, and the flag should be understood to be the inanimate article of cloth that it really is.