Images and Their Relationships within White Supremacy (Racism)

Labor and Employment

For Whom Do You Work?

One good measurement of your relationship to racism is answering the question above. If you find that you are working steadily and still not improving your lot, you might want to look for a reason why. White Supremacy is a blight on the ability for all people, particularly non white people to improve themselves financially or materially because the system of white supremacy provides a ceiling for their achievement. This ceiling is kept in place by white people. Yes, everyday individual white people, many of whom would say, "I'm not a racist" or "I've got plenty of friends who are black".

Improvement of People

All people should be capable of improvement. This improvement means better homes, better education, better sanitation, better air to breathe, better food to eat, better cars to drive, better clothes to wear, and better mental attitudes. No person should be denied the material or knowledge which improves him or her. The witholding of vaulable information is a pillar of white supremacy in its arsenal of deception and lies. People should be told the truth and should be finally trusted to understand the knowledge of the political or people relations. All truth should be made known, and all things should be balanced to the extent feasible to allow all people to be raised by their own efforts. Those who lag behind should be helped. Help the people most who need the most help should be the motto and/or slogan of all nations. Within this adage contains the seeds to a world predominated with justice and sanctified by peace.