Commentary: There is a good deal of evidence to support the view that within the culture of racism white supremacy the images dominating the socio-political environment have great influence on all people. Those images that portray divinity as "white" are particularly problematic especially for non-white people. Most people who say they are "Christians" know Jesus is portrayed in the Bible as having skin like "burnt bronze", and hair like "lamb's wool", but what can explain the phenomena of the Whiteness of the Image of Christ? For sure, racism could explain this. The cartoon you see, shows the complete IRONY of this situation... a slave begging for a white god to save him from a white slave master. And then to think of the children... when God is white, the president is white, the santa claus is white, Cinderella is white, and Snow White is white and.... ugh! In short, within a system of white supremacy, images attempting to portray divinity should NOT emphasize a color, or ethnicity, but rather the truth, the correctness, and the peaceful thought, speech and actions which God wants for all people.