The events surrounding the tragedy of 9-11 are suspended in great mystery as many people are still asking questions about the status quo stories the public has been given to explain how the towers of the world trade center came to fall on that momentous day. Many very smart people say a building such as the World Trade Center towers I and II should not have fallen in the manner they did because of various facts which they go on for pages and pages attempting to "prove" their case. As far as counter racist science is concerned, the worst case scenario is what should be expected from White Supremacists. A White Supremacists has only themselves as God, and as such, killing people, even other white people, for the purpose of mastering and controlling non-white people is no problem at all. Control of the means of telling the story and retelling the story, even a huge event, like 9-11, which was witnessed by the entire world... can be controlled, and tailored to the needs of racist man and racist woman. Could it be that 9-11 was a planned event by white people committed to white supremacy? Was it their idea to destroy the world trade center and blame the dastardly deed on Arab Muslims? How strange is that tale? If you find the movie "The Long Kiss Goodnight", you'll find the plot was thought of several years ago. how many video games were our children role playing fighting Arabs in Iraq, years prior to the current events? If we know nothing about racist man and racist woman its that you cannot put anything beyond their capacity for immoral, unjust, and incorrect conduct.