Images and Their Relationships within White Supremacy (Racism)

Beauty and Nature


Are Trees Victims of White Supremacy?

To the extent that white supremacy divests people from the proper care and maintenance of the ecosystem, that earthly balance between the "natural" elements around us, the entire ecosystem suffers. There is much evidence that white supremacists are interested mainly in power and the ego associated with being "gods" of the known universe. The white supremacists showing their indifference to the requirements of the "natural" order of things, correctness and balance between people and things, evoke a sort of rancid pollutant that infests all things in the known universe. In line with the natural order of things, it is logical the universe herself would evolve within all affected ecosystems a method and/or system to throw off such a destructive force as a type of natural survival manuever.


What is Beauty?

Within a world dominated by White Supremacy it is vitally important for the white supremacists to spoon feed the "definition" of beauty to all people who live within the system of white supremacy. Whatever your "natural" inclination is for beauty, the white supremacy culture must interrupt that tendency to control what you see as beauty. In this way, your desire to "protect and preserve" beauty is diminished leaving no protection for those things that are natural and beautiful. It has been said "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder". This statement, if it is true has great significance for a world polluted by white supremacy. All person who desire natural beauty must be willing and capable of protecting that beauty, otherwise, what is the use of "Living"? Killing, murder, pollution, hatred, mistreatment, deception, are all examples of ugliness. What are your examples of beauty, and how far are you willing to go to protect that beauty?


Examples in Nature

Within the beauty of nature we find example after example of the duty of people to relegate themselves to a balanced way of existence. When we do not have the sense to live in balance with nature, we find example after example of the devastation of the delicate balance between plants, and animals. The result is death and destruction. White Supremacy should be replaced with Justice. Why? Because white supremacy is the greatest imbalance that currently exists on planet earth. Other failures in the activities of people pale in contrast to the incorrectness and deception of white supremacy. The result of this devastation is the death of millions and millions of non-white people and the white sacrifices which must also die to establish, maintain, and expand white supremacy. The examples of nature give us ample evidence of our duty to do what is needed to protect the environment. The environment in its natural state helps to establish, maintain, and expand Justice.


The Mountains

When we gaze upon the mountains we feel awe over their projected power and strength... unmovable and yet beautiful. We feel small in the presence of the mountain, it makes us recognize our frailties as persons. What of the mountain called white supremacy? As we gaze upon this mountain, what do we feel? What does it take to move a mountain? We have heard that faith moves mountains. Is this true? If so what does faith mean? One dictionary writes: Faith - 1. Belief; the assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, resting solely and implicitly on his authority and veracity; reliance on testimony. In this definition TRUTH is the key to faith. The authority is that of the ALL POWER who has made truth possible and distinguished it from falsehood. So in the establishment of TRUTH based on what we are told, especially that which we are told from within ourselves and those closest to truth, we find the power to LEVEL the mountains and balance our world in Justice and PEACE.


What is the Age of the Universe?

Under a system of white supremacy racism it is often useful to think about the relative age of the natural world in relation to the relatively brief existence of the system of white supremacy. The relative difference being so great leads to the next question, will white supremacy ever NOT exist? It is not logical that any person who comprehends the depth of this question would conclude that white supremacy will always exist. What is the age of white supremacy? What will history say about white supremacy once it is erradicated and replace with justice? What would your part have been in helping to replace white supremacy with justice? How will your descendants be improved by a world not dominated by racism? How will the earth herself be improved by a world not dominated by racism? What is the age of justice? What is the age of peace? What is the age of correctness? What is the age of man and woman? What is the age of the known universe?


For Whom Do You Work?

One good measurement of your relationship to racism is answering the question above. If you find that you are working steadily and still not improving your lot, you might want to look for a reason why. White Supremacy is a blight on the ability for all people, particularly non white people to improve themselves financially or materially because the system of white supremacy provides a ceiling for their achievement. This ceiling is kept in place by white people. Yes, everyday individual white people, many of whom would say, "I'm not a racist" or "I've got plenty of friends who are black".


The Stars and Bars: How Do You Relate To Flags?

What is my relationship with the flag above? What is your relationship with the flag above? Neely Fuller, the author of the United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept, a textbook, workbook for victims of racism white supremacy says about relating to any flag: "I relate to the flag in the exact same way the flag relates to me" Further, if one should ask "Well Fuller, how does the flag relate to you?" He answers, "Ask the flag". Mr. Fuller makes the point well, all flags are simply cloth, stitched together in some fashion to appear as a symbol. All symbols, though the may have been "assigned" meaning, the "meaning" has been assigned by a person or some persons. Focus concerning any flag should be given to those living persons who have directed your relationship to the given flag, and the flag should be understood to be the inanimate article of cloth that it really is.


Improvement of People

All people should be capable of improvement. This improvement means better homes, better education, better sanitation, better air to breathe, better food to eat, better cars to drive, better clothes to wear, and better mental attitudes. No person should be denied the material or knowledge which improves him or her. The witholding of vaulable information is a pillar of white supremacy in its arsenal of deception and lies. People should be told the truth and should be finally trusted to understand the knowledge of the political or people relations. All truth should be made known, and all things should be balanced to the extent feasible to allow all people to be raised by their own efforts. Those who lag behind should be helped. Help the people most who need the most help should be the motto and/or slogan of all nations. Within this adage contains the seeds to a world predominated with justice and sanctified by peace.