1 Joshua Solomon Joshua Solomon chose to "change himself black", using chemical means. This interview is not to be missed.



2 David Marannis of the Washington Post David Marannis wrote an article on the Mission Man March. The article was interesting and so was this interview.


3 Byron Kunisawa Bryon Kunisawa is a popular "diversity trainer" for the NASA Space Agency. Here he describes how racism works within the NASA organization. Fuller brings up some interesting points.


4 Andrea Ayvazian of Communitas This interview was an interesting exchange of views with a white female who says she's a "recovering" racist. Are all white people recovering?


5 Goddard Space Flight Center Diversity Group You mean there is racism within NASA? This group is trying to get a grasp on the meaning of "diversity", "racism", and a few other terms. Fuller helps them out a little.


6 Goddard Space Flight Center Workforce This is actually a lecture given to the Goddard Space Flight Center workforce in 1995. The lecture is a sobering reminder of how far we have left to go to end racism.