A Counter Racist Movie Review
by Josh Wickett

Throughout my investigation of the system of White Supremacy, I have often wondered how White people learn about the system of racism and how to practice it. How does a White child, teenager, adult; learn and understand how racism works and how to practice it.

Where is the “International School of White Supremacy” where White people are taught how to think, speak and act as White Supremacist?

It is everywhere White people are and everywhere White people are not. This is what is meant by a “system of White Supremacy.”

Movies and all media in general are one of the main avenues for the transmission and dissemination of “instructions for the White supremacist and “programming for their victims.

And this is what brings me to my counter racist movie review of the motion picture TRAFFIC.

The movie “Traffic” is at its base, a study into the nature of conspiracy. Throughout the movie different groups of people work together to accomplish certain goals. You have the DEA, the Mexican State police, the U.S “drug czar”, the U.S border patrol, several different Mexican drug gangs and several different U.S criminal organizations.  All of these groups are documented and their activities demonstrated. But the most powerful and smartest conspiracy is absent.

The white people who practice White Supremacy.

This movie has won several prestigious awards and has been subject to rave reviews. Why?

I say it is because of the messages the movie sends out to both victims and perpetrators of White Supremacy. What are those messages?

(In order of importance)

1.White male, your children are your most important thing, more important than any job, money, career…

2.Non white people (Mexicans) are untrustworthy, corrupt and cruel.

3. Drugs are dangerous because they can cause White people to become so preoccupied with them that they loose sight of their “greater” purpose, (White Supremacy)

4. Non white people should trust White people because White people are noble honest and trustworthy.

The main character of the story is a White male judge who is appointed “drug czar” for a new presidential administration with the ironic twist that his daughter has become strung out on drugs. The message of the danger drugs poses for White people is graphically demonstrated through the use of an interracial sex scene.  A scene where the daughter is getting fucked by a Black male drug dealer, their sexual activity is interrupted by a drug sale he makes, after which he proceeds to inject her with drugs.

This is the real message of the movie, fear of White genetic annihilation. Drugs are just a metaphor for the real danger of Black males engaging in sexual activity with White women.

As with any movie that is promoted in a system of White Supremacy, victims of racism are also receiving instructions on how to be victims of racism.

In TRAFFIC, this is taught through the use of two non-white DEA agents, a Black male and “Latino/Hispanic” male.

They are both very dedicated to penetrating the criminal conspiracy of illegal drug importation and destroying it completely. In one particularly interesting scene, they are sitting in a van on a stake out and they begin to discuss the need to get the “big fishes” of this conspiracy… the leaders… the people who control it; and then they both actually say it…”THE WHITE PEOPLE.”

They actually say that in the movie.

But once again, because they do not understand that the most powerful conspiracy in the world is the conspiracy of White people who practice White Supremacy, they are fooled into thinking they are actually solving the problem of drugs.

Im not saying that White people are “guilty” of drug trafficking, Im just saying they are responsible for it… kinda like O.J Simpson, who was found not guilty of Nicole Simpson’s murder in criminal court, but was found “responsible” for her death in civil court.

In a system of White Supremacy, White Supremacist “allow” non white people to do certain things. So the next time you see any injustice being practiced, remember: “They” can do it without “us”, but “we” can’t do it with out “them.”

Josh Wickett