A Counter Racist Movie Review
by Josh Wickett

Canadian drama/thriller in which 4 strangers find themselves imprisoned in a maze of cubic rooms. They must find their way out by working together and avoiding deadly booby traps.

Black males cannot function as "Team mates", are dangerous and unable to use logic because they are too emotional. White people create "code", test "code" and use code to solve problems.

This movie is about 4 people who wake up one day to find them in a "prison" consisting of a series of cubes connected by small doors. The characters consist of a Black male, 3 White males and 2 White females. In terms of White Supremacy, this movie is what I call the "bait and switch." They trick you into identifying with the Black male because he is portrayed heroically, but by the end of the movie they have him killin White women (OJ Simpson).

"Tha Bait."

The dialogue begins with them all in the same room. The Black male, Quentin launches an investigation by asking all the other inmates who they are how they got here, what they do for a living…
Quentin is a police officer, a take charge kinda guy, a real man, a…a… ROLE MODEL!
Now counter racist code says there are no "role models", so they get you in a trick.
The 2 White females are freaking out. Hollaway is a bleeding heart liberal doctor who is convinced that the Cube is a government plot. Levin is a high school student who is good at math. Quentin comforts both of them and even gives Levin a pep talk and convinces her that they can get out if they rally as a team and attack the problem.
Of the 3 White males, one (The Wren) is of no consequence other than to demonstrate that the Cube is booby trapped with deadly devices that even an escape artist like himself can't deal with. 
Kazan appears retarded but is actually an Idiot Savant. The third White male, Worth, is what you might call a slacker but I think he's playing the role of the "Whiteboy" who has a lot of ability but loses all interest in doing anything when forced to work with a Black person, especially one that appears competent. Some of you out there know what Im talking about.
Throughout this movie, keep in mind that the inmates don't know why they are imprisoned and that they believe they are innocent, although you are increasingly led to believe that Quentin is guilty of something? As with most movies produced under White Supremacy, the non white people are being taught to limit their thinking and be emotional while the White people are being taught to develop codes based on logic and linear thinking. At one point Quentin even tells the others, "stop trying to see the big picture and just look at what's in front of you." Compare that thinking with one of the White females, Levin, who is busy developing a code that can predict which rooms are booby-trapped and tell their position in the Cube. She is so confident in her understanding of the code that she even risks her own life to prove that she is correct in her understanding of the logic behind the Cube. That's one powerful message going out to White people.

By this time Quentin is getting paranoid of everyone except Levin, and possibly with good reason. It turns out that Worth has been with holding useful information about the Cube (he admits he had a part in building it), the "retard" almost gets him killed and Hollaway has secret embarrassing information about him. I won't give away the rest of the movie because I think you should see it, but I will tell you that Quentin becomes a monster and kills both White females. The two White males, Worth and the "retard" kill Quentin and the movie ends with the "retard" walking out into the light of day. In short, the White people join forces against the Black male; even tha "retard" gets in on it.
This movie has a lot of racist symbolism in it, but don't just take my word for it, I have no idea what Im talking about, ask a White person.
You might hafta watch this movie twice in order to catch all of the White Supremacy code. It is one of the most skillfully done movies I've seen in a long time, its all there for you to see if you are aware of the existence of the system of White Supremacy. As this system is further and further refined, symbolic movies like this are one of the last avenues for the transmission of the White code (White Supremacy). The days of open instruction about how to practice White Supremacy are over. The new style is to encode it in the context of a movie and hope it gets to the White people.
And from what I see from the street, it's working.

Cube is a prison movie and prison is a good metaphor for racism.
In order to break out of prison, you must first realize that you are indeed in prison. But the critical question every inmate must ask him or herself is: 
"What did I do to end up in this place?"

Josh Wickett