A Counter Racist Movie Review
by Josh Wickett

The first astronauts to land on Mars accidentally bring back a deadly alien life form that threatens to destroy all mankind. Quick, what's the only thing that can kill it?   A pitch fork covered in nigger blood.

No, I'm not making this up, I just gave away the end of the movie (sorry).
SPECIES II  is a low budget SCI FI flick that I suspect was made to use up all the special effects and gadgets that were left over from movies like "Aliens"; but most importantly to practice racism.

One of the benefits White people have in a system of White Supremacy is that their work and play are the same thing. They can be creative practicing racism and get paid handsomely for it too! Only a few Black people (Sharpton, Spike Lee...) have figured out how to practice counter racism and make enough money to live.

SPECIES II actually starts out great. Three astronauts, A White male, a White female and a Black male have arrived in orbit around Mars. The White male lands on the planet, gathers some soil samples, plants the stars and stripes and goes back to the ship. Mission accomplished, it all "high five's" and congrats...the president calls them...

As they prepare to fire the engines and head back to earth, something happens. The "Alien" busts out the soil sample and infects the White astronauts (but they don't realize it). When they arrive back on earth you get your first clue of where this movie is going.

The Black male (Gamble) is immediately put in to "coon mode." He is obsessed with getting some sex and in a constant "head scratchin mode," he doesn't understand anything. If you just tuned in at this point, you would never think that he was an astronaut who just got back from the first manned mission to Mars. Meanwhile, the White male (Ross) is to speak at an awards ceremony given by his father, a powerful United States Senator. Now this Alien that has infected Ross is all about using Ross to have sex with women in order to create more Aliens. The women are killed in the process (brutally) and the offspring is always a fully formed 5 year old White male. ( go figure?)

Ross is feeling strange and is not sure what is happening to him but he knows that whenever he has sex, the women ends up dead in bed covered in blood. He goes to discuss this with his father (the powerful senator) and dad doesn't wanna hear it. Dad assumes he has VD or something and gives him one of those "White instruction speeches" that White parents give their children: "son, I've seen too many young men piss away promising careers over a piece of ass, keep your dick in your pants and straighten up, you're a Ross dammit! you're gonna be president someday, start actin like it!"

By this time the dead women are starting to pile up and the theory that its due to this Alien the astronauts brought back is starting to be known. The White female astronaut that was infected tries to have sex and both she and her husband die from it. When the sex obsessed Black male tries to have sex, the FBI shows up and takes him away for blood tests to determine if the Alien is in him. Compare the way his sex scene is contrasted with the White peoples sex scenes (The White people make love, the nigger just wants to fuck)

It gets tricky here but stay with me. The Alien from SPECIES I has been cloned and combined with human DNA to produce a half human half Alien creature named Eve. Eve is a Nazi "wet dream." 6' tall blonde hair blue eyes Nordic features... She is being held in a secure Lab for experiments. If the Alien in Ross and the Alien in Eve ever meet and have sex, the result will be a "super powerful Alien ."  Meanwhile, The Black male (still in head scratchin mode) has his blood tested and we find out that the Alien is "allergic" to people who carry "genetic defects" in their DNA [read: Black males with sickle cell trait]. A cool sophisticated White male is brought in to kill the Alien that is on the loose. He is paired with the Black male (in head scratchin coonin mode) so that White people know who to identify themselves with. They team up and search for the Alien. And when they find the Two Aliens having sex, the Black male tells the White man to "use my blood" to kill the Alien. The White man picks up a pitch fork, stabs the Black male in the leg, and then stabs the Alien with the pitch fork. The Alien dies from the Black males blood, melting into a pool of Alien grease.

The White Supremacist are using this movie to tell everyone that the REAL Alien is the Black male. And that the Black males Blood is DEADLY. All the tommin and coonin and sex obsessing the Black male is made to do throughout the movie doesn't help either. SPECIES II is one of my "teaching" movies that I use to help people get a better understanding of the dimensions of the system of White Supremacy. Its continual, we are fully immersed in it and the children are growing up in it. I would say this was a surprising movie, but I don't use that word anymore to describe anything the White Supremacists produce, if I did I'd be in permanent "head scratchin mode." I don't claim to have the "cure" for racism, the best advice I can give advice I can give a Black person is to DUCK!

but as long as I'm surrounded by trees, I'm going to suspect that I'm in the forest.

Josh Wickett