To present material, in book form, which can be used as a basic guide for those individuals non-white persons who are the Victims of Racism (Victims of White Supremacy), and who may wish to think, speak, and/or act to eliminate Racism (White Supremacy), and do so, not as a "formalized group", but as individual persons.


[This means that an individual non-white person who is the victim of Racism can pick, choose, and support through individual thought, speech, and/or action, only those parts of the book which he or she, as an individual person "sees fit" to support, through his or her individual thought, speech, and/or action].


To present material, in book form, which can be used as a start for a "complete" code of thought, speech, and/or action for Victims of Racism [non-white people], which when promoted by an effective number of individual Victims of Racism, will result in a "collective" effect against Racism.


To present material, in book form, which may serve as a basic guide and/or general format for the making of other books which can serve as a compliment, and/or supplement, to the "codified", and/or systematic concept of eliminating Racism (White Supremacy) through the thought, speech, and/or action of individual persons, by their own will, at a time and place of their own choosing.


To help any and all persons to know and/or understand truth, and to use truth in such manner as to produce justice and correctness at all times, in all places, in all areas of activity.


To explain the necessity of eliminating functional Racism before attempting to make other major changes in the socio-material activities of the other people of known universe, and to function as a general guide toward doing so.


This is not a book to be used to promote dislike or hatred for white people.


This is not a book to be used to encourage animosity toward white people or to be used to promote a dislike for white people because of their "whiteness", and/or because they appear to be "White" to the eye/mind of the onlooker.


This is not a book to be used to embarrass, belittle, nit-pick, poke fun at, or otherwise show "disrespect" for any people, be they "White", "Brown", "Red", "Yellow", "Blond", "Brunette", etc .


This book is not designed to be used to basically oppose any people except those persons racially classified as "White"-- and only those persons so classified, who are responsible for establishing, maintaining, expanding, and/or refining the practice of White Supremacy (Racism), in any one or more areas of activity, including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and/or war.


This book, when used correctly used, will help to promote thought, speech, and/or action, specifically designed to help reveal truth, promote justice, and promote correctness.


The ultimate purpose of this book and/or any of it's parts is to help produce "peace".


Excerpt from the United-Independent Compensatory Codebook