TheCode.Net - Commentary by John S. Bilal

In order for white supremacy to be correctly replaced with justice the five senses of victims of racism need to be purified.  This purification happens once victims of racism understand their correct relationship with the ALL-POWER commonly referred to as God.  This relationship can be shown in the following formula.  IP + AP > SP, where IP is inferior power of victims of racism, AP is the ALL POWER, and SP is the superior power of the white supremacists.  In this power equation, a relationship with the ALL POWER can only occur in the absence of incorrectness and deception.  This purity allows great benefit to victims of racism in order to flip the power equation. 

In the above description, David, a very small boy at the time, slew Goliath.  In the story, he used five stones.  Allegorically speaking those stones are representing the faculties of the human being, hearing, smelling, sight, taste, and feeling.  These are the inputs to our brain computers.  If we allow our minds and hearts to feed on garbage, we can only produce garbage and garbage will not replace white supremacy with Justice.  We must be better managers of what we allow into our brain computers in awe, regard, and utter respect for the ALL POWER.  Using the conduit provided by the creator we tap into an unseen and inexplicable power which strengthens us to produce Justice. 

David slew Goliath by striking him in the forehead.  The forehead is the place wherein the conscious mind resides.  The Goliath is struck there by five stones, the aforementioned "human faculties" which can be further condensed to be represented by the terms "thought, speech and action".  Goliath strikes the earth and his conscious knowledge returns to the earth to be correctly disposed of in the death of all incorrectness... no more lies, no more killing, no more mistreatment.  After his corrupted face, or his warped character returns to the earth, his head is cut off... severed from the body that it maintained.  In this case, the head is the character of each individual white supremacist, and the body is the system of white supremacy.  In this case each and every white person who practices white supremacy would be also transformed.  Their own true character must come forth purified. 

White supremacy must end.  Replace white supremacy with justice.  What are you willing to give up to have justice?  Are you willing to stop polluting yourself, your soul, your mind, your body?  Are you willing to stop drinking alcohols, wear dignified clothing, spend great amounts of time studying all things, paying attention to your offspring, breaking your inordinate lust for material things?  When David drew his sword, the sword of truth and justice, he sealed his commitment.  What is your commitment?

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