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On Being Victims Neely Fuller Jr. 10/27/94 2.5M
On Black Male & Female Relationships Neely Fuller Jr. 10/27/94 2.7M
Words are Killing Black People Neely Fuller Jr. 10/20/94 1.5M
Excedrine Racial Tension Pain Relief Queen Latifah 10/09/04 4.7M
Black Child Speaks on Katrina Debacle Unknown 08/23/05 1.5M
Codetalk at Goddard Space Flight Center Neely Fuller Jr. 10/20/94 7.8M
You'd Better Be Speaking Spanish!!! Neely Fuller Jr. 10/20/94 1.5M

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Pat Tells Non-White Female VOR to Shut Up on National TV


Bill Press calls Pat Buchanan a White Supremacist of National TV